milltownlogo2.jpgWe meet on the second Wednesday of the month (with occasional brewday get-togethers) in Northfield to share each other’s creations and discuss brewing.  The only requirement for joining us is to be of age and bring 2 bottles of your own homebrew to share (after that, you are welcome to bring an interesting commercial beer if you haven’t brewed anything new) and $20 for dues.  If you are interested in homebrewing but haven’t brewed yet or can’t make it to the meetings, you are welcome to join our community on Facebook.

July 23rd Meeting Notes


Jay – Caribou Slobber Brown Ale

Derek & Laura – IIIPA

Gabe – Scotch Ale

Chris – Smoked Porter

  – Cream Ale


Nancy – Sierra Nevada’s Kellerweiss

Brent – Kriek Boon

Derek & Laura – Stone’s Matt’s Burning Rosids

Sour Tasting 5/31/14

Brouwerij Fonteinen – Oud lambik doesjil

Courtillon – Grand Cru Bruocsella lambic Bio 2009

Nightswift – Everweisse

Faro – Girardin

Gueze – Girardin

Cantillon – Kriek

Cuvee de Ranke

Surly Pentagram

Horal’s 2013 Oude Gueuze Megablend

New Glarus – Berlinerweiss

Oud Gueuze de l’ancienne 2011 2012

Allagash 2013 Interlude

May 28th Meeting Notes


Chris – Mango Funk Barleywine

Derek & Laura – Chocolate Porter

– English Ale

Rich – Milk Chocolate Stout

– Mashers’ Whiskey barrel RIS

Doug – GF Yeast experiment (Nottingham vs. Ardennes)

  – Wheaten Saison

Kos – Belgian IIPA

Brent – BB IPA with Peach and Brett

Andrew & Cristeta – APA w/orange zest

Randy – Cream Ale

   – Schwartzbier

Pete – Golden Rye

– Barleywine

April 26th Meeting Notes


Gabe – Boat Bitter (variation of this recipe)

David – Belgian Strong Golden Ale

Pete Schl – Wee heavy

Pete Schl – La Petit Orange

Chris – Hop Skimmer IIPA (and oaked version)

Matt – NZ IPA

Jay – Bourbon barrel brown ale

Brent – Saison (two yeasts – French saison & American Farmhouse)

Randy – Cream Ale

Randy – Schwarzbier

Nate – Pilsner

Nate – Cider

Pete Sk – IIPA

Pete Sk – Scotch Ale

Pete Sk – American Pilsner

Kos – Kuradi Kuld Belgian (Unibroue yeast)

Kos – Belgian IPA


Mikkeller Mexas Ranger


March 26th Meeting Notes

Thanks to Doug for hosting the meeting!


Samples of the barrel fills of Barleywine and Imperial Stout after 6 weeks.

Brent – Doppelbock

Brent – Bier de Garde

Gabe – Dubbel

Gabe – Belgian IPA

Matt – Cream Ale

Derek & Laura – Pale Ale (and Pale Ale dry-hopped with Centennial)


Chris – Moscow by Midnight Sun Brewing Company

Doug – The Beast Grand Cru by Avery Brewing