Meeting Notes January 30th, 2013

Our next meeting will be February 27th.

We were able to sample five variations from the same Big Brew Pale Ale that we brewed together.

Andy used Muntons Ale Dry Yeast and dry hopped with Cascade

Chris used a California Lager yeast then dry hopped with NZ Motueka and NZ Hallertau hops

Randy used 1056 American Ale yeast then dry hopped with home-grown Goldings

Gabe used Safale US05 American Ale yeast then dry hopped & keg hopped with Simcoe

Gabe also soaked two chopped jalapeños in tequila anejo then strained and added to a one gallon batch of the Pale Ale.

Other Homebrews

Doug’s Gluten Free Pale Ale

Chris P’s Smoked Amber

Brent’s Imperial Stout

Pete’s Trappist Ale