Berserker Porter (Based off of Steinbart’s Porter Recipe)

Produced: 52 Bottles
Brewed: 9.19.12
Racked: 9.25.12
Bottled: 9.30.12

6lbs Northern Brewer Bulk LME
4oz Light Roast Barley
8oz Belgian Special B Malt
8oz British Chocolate Malt
8oz Dark Choclate Malt
4oz Flaked Barley
4oz Flaked Oats

1oz Mt. Hood Hop Pellets
1oz Cascade Hop Pellets

2 tsp Gypsum
1pkg Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale

Steep grains for 30 minutes between 160 and 170 f. Add extract and boil. When boiling, add gypsum and Mt. Hood hops. Boil for 60 minutes. Add Cascade hops for the last minute of the boil.

Prime with 2/3 cups corn sugar and 2 pints water.

(Note: we pitched the yeast too warm, about 80-90f)

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