Meeting Notes for February 27th, 2013

Our next meeting will be March 27th.

We have decided to participate in the Lagunitas contest and will determine which beer from the club to submit at our April meeting.

We will be teaching a “How to Homebrew” class at Just Food Coop March 9th.

We had a number of new members join us and it was great how many different beers and styles were shared.


Nancy – Trappist Ale

Rich & Lacy – Irish Draft Ale and Pale Ale

Tom – Belgian Dubbel

Matt – Kiwi Express IPA

Brent – Lord Fatbottom Barleywine (aged on raisins)

Carl – Doppelbock

Chris – Rye IPA

Pete – 2 variations of hard cider

Gabe – Subzero Saison

Randy – Subzero Saison and Mild with 2 different yeasts

Meeting Notes January 30th, 2013

Our next meeting will be February 27th.

We were able to sample five variations from the same Big Brew Pale Ale that we brewed together.

Andy used Muntons Ale Dry Yeast and dry hopped with Cascade

Chris used a California Lager yeast then dry hopped with NZ Motueka and NZ Hallertau hops

Randy used 1056 American Ale yeast then dry hopped with home-grown Goldings

Gabe used Safale US05 American Ale yeast then dry hopped & keg hopped with Simcoe

Gabe also soaked two chopped jalapeños in tequila anejo then strained and added to a one gallon batch of the Pale Ale.

Other Homebrews

Doug’s Gluten Free Pale Ale

Chris P’s Smoked Amber

Brent’s Imperial Stout

Pete’s Trappist Ale

Meeting Notes December 12th, 2012

Randy is organizing a Big Brew after Christmas for a partigyle Barleywine & Pale Ale.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, January 23rd.

We had so many homebrews that, sadly, the wonderful commercial beers were left unopened. 😉


Fred’s Wheaten Beatdown


Randy’s Pale Ale

Fred’s Multigrain Red

Chris’ Nutbrown

Chris’ Milk Stout

Chris’ Rye IPA

SCJ’s Porter

Doug’s Peat-Smoked Porter




milltownlogo2.jpgWe meet on the second Wednesday of the month (with occasional brewday get-togethers) in Northfield to share each other’s creations and discuss brewing.  The only requirement for joining us is to be of age and bring 2 bottles of your own homebrew to share (after that, you are welcome to bring an interesting commercial beer if you haven’t brewed anything new) and $20 for dues.  If you are interested in homebrewing but haven’t brewed yet or can’t make it to the meetings, you are welcome to join our community on Facebook.

November 28th Meeting Notes

We discussed a possible meeting date of Tuesday, December 18th next month. I’ll update when we have a confirmed date.

Seth, Collin, and Jordan (SCJ) joined us and shared a number of their beers:

SCJ’s Berserker Porter (Based off of Steinbart’s Porter Recipe)

SCJ’s Yggy’s Dew (Based off of the Whitehouse Honey Ale)

SCJ’s Bitches Brew Coffee Ale

SCJ’s Vinland Gone A-Rye Colonial Ale

SCJ’s Baldr’s Bane Christmas Ale

Doug’s Fresh-Hop Pale Ale

Doug’s IBA

Randy shared the progress on his Genny Cream Ale clones

Gabe’s Synesthesia

Commercial Beers

Goose Island’s Honkers Ale

Widmer Brothers Brrr

Learn to Brew Day!

The Contented Cow is hosting us to celebrate Learn to Homebrew Day! We’ll be brewing on the patio November 3rd from 3-7pm. We will be brewing a few recipes and will post them here once finalized.

If you are new to brewing, there is lots of interesting information on the American Homebrewers Association website. Once you’ve brewed a batch, contact us to come to a Milltown Mashers meeting and share yours while getting to sample other brewers’ creations.