Links & Resources – Has great forums where you can find answers (although look for a number of people agreeing since there isn’t an editing process) to issues, great recipes, and how-to’s for building equipment.

How To Brew – John Palmer is very knowledgable about homebrewing and you’ll see his name pop up all over.  This book is a great resource on how to brew as well as why those steps are necessary and what is happening (i.e. during the mash). The entire first edition of this book is available online.

Northfield, MN’s water profile –  Less important for extract brewing than all-grain but because Northfield’s water is so hard, it’s important to take it into consideration. (Here is the most up-to-date water report despite being from 2012)

I use both Beersmith and John Palmer’s Excel file to create the water profile for brewing.  The easy rule of thumb, would be to use 1/3 Northfield water, 2/3 RO water (available at Just Food Coop where you can bring a container to fill), and a pinch of sea salt.  For more exact calculations, here are filled-in Excel files for three types of beers:  An IPA, a Saison, and a Stout.


18 thoughts on “Links & Resources

  1. Thanks for having the beer brewing class at Just foods. I have been making homebrew for about 2 years with purchased kits. Interested in learning more about All grain brewing. Is there an address for the monthly meetings ?

  2. I need to get my husband connected with this group. He has made his own beer for the last 15 years. He is into the bitter ipas. How can I get more info on meetings or location? We live in Northfield going on our 9th year. Thanks

    • Welcome to town Nate. I don’t think there’s a place in Northfield but I think there are a couple spots just outside of town. I swap tanks at Northern Brewer (their store on Lyndale Ave isn’t too far from here) or Midwest Supplies up in the cities and pick up ingredients as well.

      • I exchange mine at the Case/IH implement dealer on hwy 3 on the north side of town. Convenient, local and affordable.

  3. A homebrewer who just moved to town and is brewing in isolation! Love to get involved with some like-minded brewers (AKA those that like beer). Came from Oregon and still trying to figure out where to get ingredients and equipment.

  4. Howdy! Moved to Farmington back in August. I only extract brew now but would like to join a brewing club and hopefully learn about all grain brewing and of course make some more brewing friends. Could you possibly send me any info about checking a meeting out?

  5. Did you guys see this in the KYMN Radio Website?

    Are you familiar with Imminent Brewing?

    See below from KYMN Radio “Today’s News” ………..

    Brewing up an alcohol ordinance change

    The Northfield City Council will hold a closed meeting at 6 o’clock for labor negotiations. They’ll then start a regular meeting at 7 o’clock. On the agenda is a conditional use permit for Sterling Drug. They’d like to put it a drive-thru. Council will vote on amending the alcohol ordinance. A majority of the proposed changes are related to the addition of language to permit brew pubs, brewer taprooms and cocktail rooms in the City. There are letters of support from the Convention and Visitors Bureau as well as a group of 4 Northfielders who’ve formed a company called Imminent Brewing and hope to open a brewery this Fall. The ordinance would allow them to include a taproom. Other big items include the Library expansion and the scope of the project which has increased, but with a sizeable donation. The Woodley street project and the Depot project. The Save the Northfield Depot group requested a reduction of $65,000 in their financial security requirement due to grant money they can obtain WHEN they own the property outright. The meeting will be streamed live on the City’s website. Mayor Graham will be in studio at 7:20 tomorrow morning with a recap.

    • Hi Dan,

      Sorry your message got caught in our spam folder.

      We are wonderfully familiar with the brewers starting Imminent Brewing as they are all members of the club! The town is in for a treat when it opens!

  6. Hello, I met some members at a Northfield rotary club event held at the Red Barn earlier this year.

    The beer provided by the Milltown mashers was incredible! I am curious if I can join your group?



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