Meeting Notes Roundup Sept, Oct, and Nov

Sorry for not updating our club notes since August.  That happens to coincide with the start of the school year but I’m sure that’s a complete coincidence!  We have had some amazing meetings this fall and here are the best that I can remember.

Our next meeting is moved up to December 18th. Contact me with corrections or links to the recipe or kit.


Randy – Saison

Matt – Synchronicity Belgian Wheat

Randy – Hefeweizen

Rich – English Mild

Nancy – Kitchen Sink British Brown

Matt – IPA

Gabe – Pliny the Elder IIPA

Brent – Robust Porter

October -Fresh Hop Meeting

Doug – Fresh hopped ale

Pete Sk – Wet-hopped Pale Ale

Pete Sk – HG Willamette Pale Ale

Matt – 1/2 Wet-hopped Pale Ale

Randy – Chaska Cascade Fresh Hopped Pale Ale

Brent – Fresh hopped Pale Ale

Derek & Laura – Hoppy Red

Gabe – American Bitter

Ben – IPA

Ben – Rye Ale

Jay – Weizenbeer

Kos – Deschutes Chasin Freshies

Derek & Laura – Pliny the Elder

Rich – New Belgium Rampant IIPA


Nancy – Light American Ale

Derek – Cream Ale

Randy – Cream Ale

Randy – Mild

Rich – English Brown

Kos – Red w/Maple

Pete Schl – Scottish Wee Heavy

Pete Sk – British Pale Ale

Matt – Vanilla Blueberry Ale

Andy – American Pale Ale

Pete Sk – Rye PA

Gabe – Jalapeño Pale (Jalapeño tincture added to the American Bitter)

Derek – Coffee Stout

Brent – Winterkoninkske Grand Cru

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