November 28th Meeting Notes

We discussed a possible meeting date of Tuesday, December 18th next month. I’ll update when we have a confirmed date.

Seth, Collin, and Jordan (SCJ) joined us and shared a number of their beers:

SCJ’s Berserker Porter (Based off of Steinbart’s Porter Recipe)

SCJ’s Yggy’s Dew (Based off of the Whitehouse Honey Ale)

SCJ’s Bitches Brew Coffee Ale

SCJ’s Vinland Gone A-Rye Colonial Ale

SCJ’s Baldr’s Bane Christmas Ale

Doug’s Fresh-Hop Pale Ale

Doug’s IBA

Randy shared the progress on his Genny Cream Ale clones

Gabe’s Synesthesia

Commercial Beers

Goose Island’s Honkers Ale

Widmer Brothers Brrr

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