Club Equipment

Some club members may have brewing equipment they’re willing to share.   If you’d like to offer something you own for use by other club members, list it here.

9 thoughts on “Club Equipment

  1. I’ve got a wort chiller, with sink adapter. Also some extra carboys, including a few 3 gallons, if anyone feels like splitting a batch.

  2. I was wondering if you had anyone in your club looking for cases of recappable bottles. I have about 8 to 10 cases and was going to recycle them but thought maybe someone in your club could use them. I work in Cannon Falls and could bring them to my office if anyone is interested. Email me at game55066 at yahoo dot com

    • Thanks for the offer! I have about 12-14 cases of bottles as well. Anyone that is interested in some of these, let me know!

      • I’m just getting back into brewing after about a 10 year hiatus, and will be making a Trappist Ale on Nov. 17. I could use some bottles (bombers would be preferable) if anyone has a few dozen to get rid of. You can email me at the above address! I’m so happy to have found this site!

        • Pete,
          I have a case or 2 of 22oz bottles for you. Are you in Northfield? Let me know. We can always meet for a beer!

          • Randy,
            I am in Northfield ( I live on the East side). Let me know if there is a good time to stop by and grab your bottles!

  3. Interested in your club—love beer, not a brewer (son and son and law are) but, I do own a hop yard with that son and son in law in Hope Minnesota (and live in Northfield) and want to learn more about brewing. Do you make exceptions?

    • Hi Larry,
      This comment got caught in our spam filter so sorry for the delay. I would recommend joining our Facebook group where we have discussions. Otherwise, join in with your son for a brew day and you’ll have a good time and walk away a brewer!

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