milltownlogo2.jpgWe meet on the second Wednesday of the month (with occasional brewday get-togethers) in Northfield to share each other’s creations and discuss brewing.  The only requirement for joining us is to be of age and bring 2 bottles of your own homebrew to share (after that, you are welcome to bring an interesting commercial beer if you haven’t brewed anything new) and $20 for dues.  If you are interested in homebrewing but haven’t brewed yet or can’t make it to the meetings, you are welcome to join our community on Facebook.

7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I was hoping you could tell me where the meeting is tonight (Feb. 27th) and at what time? I can certainly bring some samples of home-brew.

  2. We are primarily a winemakers but enjoy extract brewing as well and we look forward to meeting folks in the Northfield area. My wife and I bought a house there last Sunday and will be moving back home to MN after a 12-year exile in PA (land of no walleyes) later in August. We should arrive just before the August meeting so please add us to your mailing list. Cheers, Reid and Gail

  3. Welcome (back)! I’m sending you an email so that you’ll have all the information. We look forward to having you!

  4. Hi,
    It looks like your club is very active. Nice to see.

    I would be interested in coming down for the February meeting along with a brewing buddy. Are you still taking members?


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